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Resort Rules & Policies

Strict Maximum Capacity, Extra Pax Surcharge, and Overcapacity Policy

— Due to Dept. of Tourism and Calamba City Government guidelines for COVID-19, the strict maximum capacity per villa is 25 pax only.
— Occupancy by more than the stated number of guests in your package size will result in a required upgrade to the next available package. If no upgrade is available, an extra pax surcharge of Php 1000 per head applies up to the maximum capacity of the Villa, currently strictly up to 25 pax only.
— If you exceed 25 pax, the exceeding guests will not be allowed inside the Villa for safety and security reasons.

Only pre-registered guests are allowed to enter the property.

Package Rates and Number of Pax

— For the number of pax, everyone two (2) years old and above is counted (similar to Airlines and Airbnb). All guests above 2 years old will get their own bed space, towel, blanket etc.

— We also count everyone that goes into the resort regardless of whether they are staying overnight or not.

Only pre-registered guests are allowed to enter the property.

Guaranteed Exclusive Use of Entire Villa

— Each of our Private Resorts has its own exclusive villa, pool and amenities. You will not be sharing the villa with anyone.
— Whichever Package you choose, you will still get exclusive use of the entire villa and we will just lock the other rooms. No sharing w/ other groups.
— The package rate only includes exclusive use of the entire villa. Rental does not include maid/butler services such as cooking, washing dishes, laundry etc.. Our resort staff’s main job is to turn over the property and assist if there are any issues or emergencies.

What to Bring During Your Stay

– We do not provide dining utensils, so please bring your own plates, cups, spoons, forks, knives and table napkins.
– We do not provide toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush etc.), so please bring these items too.
– We only provide beddings for the total number of pax in your package, and only provide one blanket per bed, so please bring extra blankets if needed.

Food & Beverage Policy (No Corkage Fee)

Casa Tropica Private Pool in Laguna does not charge any corkage fee for bringing your own food and drinks, or delivery of food trays except if you bring in a professional caterer with tables and chairs setup (we charge Php 1,500 catering corkage fee for additional use of our facilities).

Our resort does not have a restaurant where you can order food. However, there are several restaurants and convenience stores located just outside the resort. You can just ask our friendly resort staff for contact numbers or directions.

Event Setup Policy & Surcharge

For Event styling, Balloon installation is NOT allowed unless it is standalone (centerpieces and standalone decors). Use of Tape of any kind (scotch tape, double-sided, masking tape etc.) is not allowed to be sticked on any of our walls. Decors/Tarps can be tied to our I-Beams with strings. All decor should also be removed by the guest before check out. Any damage incurred will be charged accordingly. Property damage charge starts at Php 2000.

Additional charges may be incurred for weddings, debuts, baptisms, reunions, anniversaries, team building activities, and other parties that require additional event setup over and above our included amenities. Below are corresponding fees for some usual items:

— Professional Lights & Sounds, Live Bands and the like: Php 5,000 (by approval based on electrical load capacity)
— We do not charge any corkage fee for bringing your own food and drinks, or delivery of food trays, except if you hire a professional caterer with tables and chairs setup: Php 1,500 catering corkage fee
— Mobile Bar, Food Carts, Photo Booth: Php 1,000 per supplier
— Photographer, Videographer, Event Stylist, Magicians, Hosts, Pastors (Php 1000 per person but are not allowed to stay overnight).
— Projectors, Mini Component/Sound System and other small appliances & electronics: Php 1,000 per item

Note that Casa Tropica Pansol Private Resort does not supply any of the above mentioned items, but we charge for the additional use of our facilities, electricity, and water, over and above the regular amenities that we provide. Please email us at for a detailed quotation for your event or call us at (02) 8998-3002 or (0925) 798-3002

Senior Citizen and PWD Discount

Casa Tropica gives prorated discount to Senior Citizens or Persons with Disability. Discount shall only apply on the prorated share of the package rate of the entitled person and amount depends on the applicable package.

The discount shall be deducted on the balance upon final submission of the complete guest list and ​submission of the required Philippine-Issued Senior Citizen’s or Person with Disability Identification Card.

Senior and PWD discount cannot be availed in conjunction with any of our on-going promos. They can avail of the promotional discount or discount provided under the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010, whichever is higher.


Package A for 1 to 8 pax = Php 500
Package B for 9 to 12 pax = Php 383.33
Package C for 13 to 16 pax = Php 325
Package D for 17 to 20 pax = Php 300

Pet-Friendly Policy

Casa Tropica Private Pool in Laguna is a pet-friendly resort. If you are bringing your family pet with you, there is a minimal Php 1500 Pet Surcharge per night to cover our costs of extra cleaning and vacuuming. Also, below are some reminders:

1> There is a limit of one (1) big dog or two (2) small dogs/cats.

2> Pets are allowed in all the open areas of the villa (dining hall, deck, hallways etc.). They are also allowed to enter and sleep in Room 1 on the Ground Floor. But kindly note that they are not allowed inside Room 2, 3, and 4 on the Second Floor.

3> Please inform us if you plan on letting your dog swim in the pool. If they do, we would need to start draining the pool by 10:00am of your check-out date. This is to ensure that we have enough time to do extra disinfection of the pool for our next guest.

4> Please clean up after your pet. Excessive clean-up fee applies if your pet’s pee, poop, and food are left on the floor.

5> Guest is responsible for any damage and abuse to the property.

Penalty for breaking the pet policy is an additional deep-cleaning fee of at least Php 2500.