Stay Safe.

Your safety is our top priority.

At Casa Tropica, we made sure that we are compliant with all the health and safety protocols set by the IATF and DOH. And before resuming operations, we secured our Permit to Operate from the Department of Tourism to ensure the safety of everyone.

COVID-19 Testing and Protocol Training for our Staff

Before starting our operations, we conducted a company-wide RPT testing administered by a Licensed Physician and Occupational Health practitioner. We are happy to announce that we are 100% COVID-FREE. We will also conduct regular testing to ensure that we remain COVID-FREE.

Mandatory Temperature Check by the Main Entrance

Before entering our property, we do mandatory guest temperature check to ensure that no one has a fever. Guests with temperature above 37.5°C will not be allowed inside our Villas.

PPE, Face Mask and Face Shields for our Welcoming Staff

Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed by our staff with full PPE suit, face masks and face shield.

Step Mat and SaniStand at our Main Entrance

After getting their temperatures checked and cleared, guests will then be assisted to our Disinfection and Health Declaration Station. Guests will need to disinfect their footwear on a Step Mat. Then they will proceed to our touchless SaniStand where they will disinfect their hands with alcohol. These steps will be done before entering the Private Villa.

Fogging, Misting and UV Sanitation

Aside from our regular cleaning routine, we now have some additional sanitation steps. All areas will now be sanitized using Endosan Non-Toxic Disinfectant through Misting, Fogging, Wiping and Mopping. We also use UV light sanitation in all our bedrooms and bathrooms.

Pre-Approved Guest List and Health Declaration Form

In compliance with the IATF and Dept. of Tourism, we now require a list of guests before their booking. Guests are also required to answer a health declaration form as required by DOH and the LGU.

Guaranteed Safe and COVID-Free

COVID-19 Testing and Training for our Resort Staff

Let’s work together to stay COVID-Free

New Safety Guidelines for Guests

We use industrial-grade disinfecting protocols

Advanced Disinfecting Systems

Our strict cleaning routine, made even better.

Rigorous Daily Sanitation Routine